We commonly consider and look at still life as paintings depicting inanimate subject matter. What if we bring flower's still life to life again? These paintings can be seen as flower's arrangement fixed in time for centuries. However by layering a real flower on top, an other dimension is revealed to the painting. 'Still Real' brings a playful dialogue between the ephemeral beauty of Nature and the eternal composition of the flower's still life. A still-life is an artform that allows the artist to arrange with freedom all the elements within its composition. 'Still Real' project allows us to have our unique interpretation on the painting as well. By choosing the flower we want to add to the painted still life, we are becoming the author again. Each painting is becoming our personal arrangement. Flemish and Dutch artists particularly brought back the ancient Greek still life tradition of trompe-l'œil, especially the imitation of nature, which they termed bedriegertje ("little deception"). This new project works in line with this idea, bringing an other level of contemplation in a more visceral way: a still life you can smell, touch and feel.

Concept, Design: Sun Lee