In our consumer society, we live amongst an abundance of products. Consuming fast fashion seems to provide immediate and high satisfaction at a low cost. Fast Fashion brands encourage consumers to respond promptly to their products and keep the consuming habits up and running. Consumer society continues to produce and destroy products as a part of the consumption cycle. The result of this vicious cycle is an environmental crises. Due to fast fashion, we feel guilty, denied, and desperate, but nonetheless we never cease to consume more clothing. How can we challenge and, furthermore, harmonize this contradictory attitude between the producers and consumers? My thesis begins with exploring the interactions in fashion from the viewpoint of the producers and consumers. The issue I am investigating is the gap and friction between production and fashion consumption. What is the relationship between them? How can I conduct research without misunderstanding their individual motives Can we find sustainable alternatives to the unfinished relationship between production and consumption?

Thesis, 148×210mm, 106 pages, Printed at DAE

Concept, Text: Sun Lee
Graphic design: Masaya Kochi

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