The Consumption of Heritage Kids' is a project aimed for the next generation. To connect disappearing Korean craft to and for the future generation. The collection is designed to meet children's behaviors and work as a communication tool that connects them with the traditional Korean materials in a playful way. The collection is created using techniques such as cutting, drawing and Korean traditional techniques Zumchi. These provide special interactions where you can directly enjoy and experience the work through three concepts: ‘Play’, ‘Create’, and ‘Grow’.

‘Play’ starts with a jacket made of washable Hanji paper. Children participate in the design by drawing and coloring on it, In this process, they truly create their own and personalized Hanji jacket. In ‘Create’, the children wear a Hanji jacket using the Zumchi technique, By mixing it with water and rice glue, the jacket transforms into a paste that can be used to make a mask. The experience of re-creating the clothes you just wore in the form of a mask reminds us of the one-time properties of objects in our lives, and at the same time induces the importance of disposability and the properties of materials. Lastly, ‘Grow’ presents Hansan Mosi clothes that change in various sizes and shapes by connecting them in multiple stages. Designed to accompany your child as they grow, this garment opens up a new way of thinking through the process of assembling and connecting your clothes yourself. Children interact with clothing and naturally increase their familiarity with it traditional material as they grow.

These series of experiences are closely related to the value of materials and labor, human care, and the coexistence of heritage and nature. I stress the importance of craft, redefining it as a powerful and essential tool for a sustainable living. The encounter between the past and the future through crafts, unfolding in the hands of children, raises awareness of the right consumption culture and at the same time shows a new alternative to the environmental crisis we are facing in our modern society.

Hansan mosi fabric, Hanji paper, Ott (Korea traditional Lacquerware)

2021, Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation x Space BE gallery
Seoul, Korea

2021, Cheongju Craft Biennale
Cheongju, KR, September-October 2021

Commissioned by:
Cheongju Craft Biennale

Concept, Design: Sun Lee

Photo: Shen Yichen

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