The concept of designing the second life of discarded objects goes beyond mere aesthetic symbols and should embody the overall discourse of society as a soft shelter. While thread is an essential element in garment making, it often remains unnoticed, serving only a supportive role. The process of creating fabric by layering discarded thread and making clothes solely through stitching redefines the universal order of the fashion industry that has persisted until now. This approach not only bypasses the weaving process but also reduces the secondary energy required, while preventing waste generated from the conventional fabric cutting stage. It is a zero-waste process that prevents the unavoidable waste (offcuts) produced in the conventional clothing production process. This work challenges the structural conventions of the fashion industry, transforming the Earth, which has protected us (Beyond the Subject), into a responsibility that we now need to protect. To me, the soft shelter represents the Earth I want to protect and the rebirth of discarded thread that envelops my body.

Leftover thread

Concept & Design: Sun Lee


Space BE gallery
Seoul, South Korea, November-December 2022

옷(The Clothes)
Amado Art Gallery
Seoul, South Korea, March 2015

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