It aims to create a new perception of time and space, by weaving with Korean Mosi (weft) and Dutch linen (warp). The interaction between the two materials proposes a new dialogue between Korean and Dutch textile culture. ‘The goal is to start a new conversation between Korean and Dutch textile culture, to understand and promote each of their rich histories of craft, whereby I am searching for new forms, functions, and hybrid artisanal techniques.’ The Mosi threads are handspun by Yeon-ok Bang, a Mosi craftswoman recognised by UNESCO as an important Intangible Cultural Property. The Dutch linen is hand spun by Gea van Dijk. Lee developed a fascination for the weaving process. ‘The vertical and horizontal meeting points embedded in the weaving process brought me a lot of emotion and an incredible feeling of the depth of history and the labour of the artisans.’ For Lee, craft carries an important message. ‘To remind me of the value of all human senses. The value of touch, the weight, the hand, the smell, the colour, the people behind those materials. The process of craft makes me aware of the scale, the physicality involved in it, and allows me to feel more connected through my body with what I am doing.’

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2020, Crafts Council Nederland, HOW&WOW Linen
Dutch Design Week 2020(virtual), The Netherlands

Concept, Design: Sun Lee
Photo: Sjoerd Knibbeler