Tackling traditional material through a scientific method, this project raises questions about the intrinsic value of craft. Researches on the physical properties of Hanji itself redefine the material and challenge the purely technical and artistic qualities of traditional crafts to depict a powerful and essential tool for sustainable life. The encounter between the past and the future through experiments raises a new awareness of Hanji, and at the same time shows a new alternative to the environmental crisis faced by modern society. 

Hanji paper made by Shin Hyun-se
Supported by Hanji Culture and Industry Center

Collaboration with Sook Go, Jinyoung Choi
Experiments: Jinyoung Choi, Gangsan Lee / @KAIST
Photo: Sook Go, Sang Hyeon Lee
Film: Sook Go, Sun Lee


Hanji Culture Center
Seoul, South Korea, November-December 2022

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