Hansan Mosi
Transforming coat

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This coat is entirely composed of biodegradable
Hansan-Mosi fabric and Hanji paper – buttons included.  
The Hansan mosi fabric is made by Yeon-ok Bang
who is an important Intangible Cultural Property,
registered at the UNESCO.
Hansan mosi fabric has excellent durability and air permeability,
and absorbs moisture and emits moisture quickly.
Buttons are made of Hanji and Hansan mosi.
This coat is designed to be worn in various ways (double side jacket, skirt and coat).

- Boxy fit, Mideum
- Hand clean only
- Mosi made in Hansan in South Korea
- Tailor-made in Netherlands

Life expectancy, ephemerality and disposability was
deeply considered throughout the entire process.

One of a kind garments ship two weeks after purchase date.
We are happy to accommodate earlier deliveries upon request.