KKAKK: Left and Right

Left and Right; Are my scissors creating design or waste? Most fashion designers inevitably produce waste through their designs. The fate of the fabric is determined by the scissors cutting across it. Yet the creation of waste is not unique to fashion designers, but also an integral part of life itself. When I cut into a piece of fabric, I use my right hand. The fabric on the left side of the scissors becomes the product, and the fabric on the right becomes the waste. Left and right, birth and death. As a designer, I’d like to draw attention to the side which is created out of our neglect. In the KKAKK Project, discarded scraps are recycled and reincarnated as a new product.

2015, 옷(The Clothes)
Amado Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

Concept, Design: Sun Lee

Photo: Rock-won Kim

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