DANDAN sculpture

The monumental impact of textile production on the environment is no secret anymore. Clothes, footwear and household textiles are indeed responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution and landfills—with fast fashion’s constant provision of new styles leading to absurd quantities of clothes produced and thrown away.
And while the move towards a circular economy is speeding up and progressively changing the face of the fashion industry, the awareness around the production of household textiles isn’t benefiting from the same attention. Most interior design items such as pillows or curtains are simply left out of the sustainability equation.
This is why we imagined DANDAN, a collection of pillows entirely designed and based on leftover fabric. Letting the circular process become the design process itself, DANDAN taps into the inconstant nature of fabric leftovers, turning unpredictability into an opportunity to stand-out and rethink the standardized square pillow—a shape so far prevailing in every home, on every bed, on every sofa. After all, who said that pillows should be square?
That’s right, DANDAN not only brings the pillow into the circular economy, it saves it from the right-angled dictature. One misfit pillowcase at a time, we’re going against boredom and fast fashion, against sameness and waste. Call us weird, strange or futile if you like; we see it as a much needed refusal to comply with accepted industry norms, and a perfect excuse to reinvent a two millennia old design trapped in the past.
Each DANDAN pillow is therefore a unique combination of shapes, textures and proportions with an evocative silhouette. Real sculptures for our sofas, seats or beds, ready to trigger our imagination—metamorphosing into something or anything before our eyes. Sculptures that are meant to be touched, sit on or squeezed. Sculptures that are no longer out of reach.
But DANDAN pillows aren’t just filled with purpose. They’re filled by hand with Kapok, a fully sustainable fiber material pulled from the seed pods of the majestic Kapok tree without the need of water nor pesticides.

2022, Isola Design, Dutch Design Week 2022 
Eindhoven, NL

Concept: Sun Lee

Design: Sun Lee, Masaya Kochi, Guillaume Roukhomovsky